Window AC Repair

Air conditioners have become an indispensible part of modern day homes. An AC not only cools the air, but also removes humidity and improves quality of the air we breathe in. Window air conditioner repair can be costly.

General problems with window AC and their causes

Dirty condenser coils

When a window AC’s condenser coil gets covered with layers of dirt and grime it doesn’t work well. This situation impedes heat transfer leading to increased wear and tear of the internal parts and even system failure.

Fan problems

Each window AC has two fans, one blows indoor air over to the evaporator coil to cool it, and the other expels the absorbed heat. Faulty fan motor, low lubrication, worn out belts or accumulation of dirt can lead to compressor failure and spoil the AC.

Leaking ducts

Holes and cracks in the ductworks that run through the AC owner’s walls and ceilings carrying cool air from the air conditioner throughout the entire space can leak the cooled air inside the walls. This causes air conditioner to work harder and shoot up electricity bills. The experts from window AC service Kolkata are capable of reversing this problem.

Window AC services offered by Repair Group

We offer prompt and resilient window AC repair service at reasonable price.

Why book Repair Group’s window AC servicing

The best AC repair company knows how to deal with various components of the AC and offers a wide gamut of AC fitting services.

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