Washing Machine AMC

Gone are the days when people washed their clothes with hands. The washing machine is actually a boon for those who have to laundry every day. It saves lot of time and energy. While this machine does so much, it also needs AMC services on regular basis. There are many washing machine AMC services in Kolkata.
The washing machines also need to washed and cleaned. Washing machines are one of the bigger investments in any house, so it is advisable to keep the machine in good shape for long. For that, there are many washing machine services near me. Washing machines are essential. When the washing machine is not cleaned, it gives foul smells and one gets less clean clothes.

Common Problems with washing machines

If there is unbalanced load of laundry or if the washer is not at level, the washer can vibrate. Sometimes the washer feet are not locked, and contact the floor and so the washer vibrates.

The drum does not drain because there is blockage in the machine. It is also possible that there is waste water pipe.

The door is jammed. If it is a front loading machines, it should be opened from inside, not outside.

Washing Machine AMC Services by Repair Group

Our professionals have wide exposure of washing machine servicing. The Repair group is an one-stop solution for all your Washing machine AMC services in Kolkata.

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