Top Load

The top load washing machines are essential devices that ensure clean homes. However, like any other electronic appliances these too come with the chances of damage and breakdown.

General problems with top load washing machine and their causes

Washer stops mid-cycle

The door or lid switch may get damaged over time. This results in the washer of a top load washing machine stopping mid-cycle or not running altogether.

Water drain

The drain pump of a top load washing machine may gradually wear out and get damaged when hard objects left in the laundry bang around in the wash cycle.

The basket doesn’t spin

Rattling sound from the base of the top load washing machine may indicate a faulty motor coupler or overloading of the washer on a daily basis.

Top load washing machine services offered by Repair Group

Smooth working of a top load washing machine can be restored by our efficient and skilled technicians at top load washing machine repair Kolkata . Booking an appointment with us can ease your worries as we do the needful to ensure that your washing machine performs at its best.

Why book Repair Group’s top load washing machine servicing

Our commitment to quality service, punctuality and our client’s trust drives us to better ourselves each day. Our economic Homes Annual Maintenance Plans are aimed at safeguarding the condition of delicate appliances like top load and front load washing machines.

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