Split AC Repair

Summers in India can be harsh and humid. A well-functioning air conditioner is mandatory to bear the long summer days. An AC effectively removes moisture from inside a room and cools it down.

General problems with split AC and their causes

Refrigerant leakage in split AC

Low level of refrigerant due to leakage from the copper pipes in the split AC results in the AC not cooling properly. Only trained professionals should handle this issue.

Ice accumulation on cooling coil

Low level of refrigerant reduces temperature of the cooling coil much below normal. This causes the moisture in the room to condense on the coil and gradually freeze.

Split AC not switching on

Surges in current, overly frequent on-off cycles and physical damages cause PCB of the AC unit and ICs to break down or the capacitors to burn. Only specialised technicians from the best AC repair in Kolkata should replace the damaged PCB.

Split AC services offered by Repair Group

The split AC repair near me has made life a lot easier by catering to all issues regarding split ACs in a competitive manner.

Why book Repair Group’s split AC servicing

We excel in solving damaged split air conditioner issues. Preventative maintenance service by Repair Group is the only solution that helps both split and window AC.

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