Single door refrigerator repair

Refrigerator is an indelible appliance in every household. Fridge performs the vital task of storing, freezing and retaining the freshness of food. Glitches in fridge may bring any modern household to a standstill.

3 Common single door fridge problems and their causes

Insufficient Coolant

Coolant circulates by means of evaporator coils and helps send cold air in food section.Shortage of coolant may hamper functioning of fridge.

Position of the fridge

Placing fridge close to cooking appliances is a serious mistake. This leads to further heating and increased consumption of power which adversely affect its working.

Cooling leaks

Opening and shutting of fridge door continuously or not closing the refrigerator door properly leads to over consumption of power and damages the magnetic rubber lining.

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Single door fridge services offered by Repair Group

Our technicians are trained for single door fridge repair to resolve issues like insufficient cooling, sweating or leaking. Such problems may occur in both single door and double door refrigerators of all makes and models.

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