Semi Automatic

A semi-automatic washing machine is an important home appliance that offers effortless cleaning. Unfortunately, you cannot be too careful with a semi-automatic washing machine and it is bound to need repair at some point of time.

General problems with semi-automatic washing machine and their causes

There are several factors that contribute to a sudden breakdown of a semi-automatic washing machine, in such cases washing machine repair alone can restore the normal workings of the appliance.

Vibrating and shaking

A semi-automatic washing machine may vibrate while washing due to unlocked washer feet, unbalanced load of laundry or it may not be levelled.

Tremendous noise

Noise from a working semi-automatic washing machine is not uncommon. However, loud gurgling noise from the machine may suggest clogged drains or even breaking or loosening of one or more delicate parts at the bottom of the machine.

Semi-automatic washing machine services offered by Repair Group

It is best to hire an expert washing machine repair company in order to prevent any damage to your semi-automatic washing machine. It is important to make sure that you choose the best repair company like Repair Group Kolkata.

Why book Repair Group’s semi-automatic washing machine servicing

We have been in the repair service business for long and are well aware of the priorities and preferences of the city dwellers. We offer Homes Annual Maintenance Plans for both semi-automatic and top load washing machine to clients to ensure safe functioning of home appliances.

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