Microwave Repair

The wave of new age economy has turned the urban agglomeration into a prospective market for microwave ovens. These sturdy kitchen appliances serve us in multiple ways, but when a microwave oven breaks down it causes myriads of problems for the owners.

General problems with microwave oven and their causes

Microwave oven not heating

Often, a microwave oven does not heat the food even when the power is turned on and the display light works fine. This is a major problem that needs replacement of the heating coils.

Turntable not turning

If the turntable refuses to spin there could be some problem with the alignment of the table. You should consult a professional if cleaning the rails and the turntable does not help.

Keypad buttons not working

Dirty keypad might render buttons unusable, or the connector between the keypad and the control board might become loose due to the pressing of the keypad and the pushing and pulling of the oven door handle and might need to be reconnected.

Microwave oven services offered by Repair Group

We offer reliable, effective and prompt microwave oven repair service. Repair Group microwave repair Kolkata is a one stop solution for all your microwave oven troubles.

Why book Repair Group’s microwave oven servicing

The Repair Group Kolkata is a reputed home appliances repair service provider. We impart the best quality repair services and meet specific demands of our customers when it comes to microwave and microwave PCB repair works.

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