Microwave PCB Repair

Changing lifestyle has escalated the use of microwave ovens in millions of households. They save time and effort of busy millennial.

General problems with microwave oven PCB and their causes

Microwave oven not turning on

If microwave oven does not turn on you should check for exposed, chewed or damaged wires, the circuit breaker, the blueprint next to the breakers and the door and door hinge. Summon specialist technicians to rectify this issue.

Microwave oven refusing to cook

This issue indicate trouble in one or more of the following; the diode, the door switch, the magnetron, the high voltage capacitor, the high voltage transformer, thermal fuse, thermo protector or the main control board .Only trained professionals should handle these components.

Microwave sparks while cooking

Leaving microwave oven dirty, break down of high voltage transformer, using metal cookware, faulty waveguide cover or using chipped metal rack may cause sparks in microwave oven.

Microwave oven PCB services offered by Repair Group

A PCB or Printed Circuit Board is used in electronic products including microwave ovens. The microwave PCB repair Kolkata provides services at your door step.

The microwave repair India services by Repair Group can virtually solve all your microwave oven issues. Our professional experts provide specialized services for microwave ovens of all models and brands.

Why book Repair Group’s microwave oven PCB servicing

In keeping with latest trends, we are engaged in providing customers with high quality microwave PCB repair services alongside solving microwave connection issues.

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