Connection Issues

The microwave oven is one of the most helpful appliances to have in the kitchen. It makes heating, baking, cooking and thawing simple. However, it requires good care at a regular interval to maintain optimum performance.

General problems with microwave oven connection and their causes

Microwave radiation

Microwave oven sends waves to create massive amounts of energy that cook food. Ideally microwaves are held within the microwave oven, but in case of a leakage it exposes humans to hazardous radiation. Such leaks cannot be detected with naked eye. Regular servicing of the oven by expert professionals from reputed companies like Repair Group Baguiati can fix this issue.

Microwave emits smoke while cooking

Arcing, empty microwave, or a non-functioning high voltage transformer may cause this serious issue. Book an appointment with reliable repair service personnel without delay.

Microwave oven is too loud

Louder than usual sound or growling sound from the oven indicates a faulty magnetron, exhaust fan motor, stirrer motor or turntable motor. Consult professionals to get rid of this situation.

Microwave oven services offered by Repair Group

The microwave connection issues are too serious to be overlooked. We are adroit at offering budget friendly and expansive microwave repair services at your door step.

Why book Repair Group’s microwave oven servicing

The proficient technicians at Repair Group specialise at rectifying microwave connection and wiring issues with dexterity and promptness.

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