LED TV Repair

LED TVs are quite common these days and it has a lot of things which gets damaged frequently. If you search for LED repairing near me all the time then at first you should know what are the basic damages LED TVs to go through.

Basic LED TV Problems

Screen going blank

Sometimes the screen of LED TV goes blank and the major reason for this is the problem in the power supply unit of the TV.

Horizontal lines on the TV

The recent LED TV generally needs strong input signals and that is why if the signal is too low then it can happen.

No sound

Sometimes our LED TV does not give any sound and it is generally the problem of the alternate current switch.

Why you should choose us for service

You should choose us for your LED TV repairing in Kolkata for certain reasons.


We are certified in repairing TVs and other appliances and that is why you won't have to worry about the authenticity.


We have expert people in our line-up who will do your job quite nicely.

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