LCD TV Repair

Currently, LCD TVs are quite popular but along with the popularity there come a lot of issues regarding technology. LCD TVs are quite prone to damages just like any other TV. The major problems with LCD TVs are given below.

3 Major Problems of LCD TVs and the causes of them

The screen goes blue, green or black

Sometimes the screen of LCD TVs goes Blue, black or green because of a bad signal. It can be e the matter of loose connection or sometimes the incorrect input port.

Breaking of the image or pixelation

Sometimes the images of the TV can break or pixilation can take place due to weak signal or sometimes the satellite signal problem between the live telecast and the TV station.

TV screen looks grainy

If you see that your TV looks grainy then it may be due to high sharpness control. You have to reduce the sharpness to zero for the best result.

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