Fully Automatic

Washing machine has become an indispensable part of each and every household. An automatic washing machine does not require human intervention. Hence, it is preferred over other versions.

General problems with automatic washing machine and their causes

Poor functioning of water heater or dryer are often common in a fully automatic machine.

Noisy machine

Strange noises like humming sound, clicking sound and loud gurgling sound from automatic washing machine might be caused by clogged drains or internal sensors. Another possible reason for this might be the breakage of some spare parts at the bottom of the drum resulting in tilting or rubbing with other parts while spinning.


The issue of leaking arises in case hoses aren’t tightened or inserted properly and if they develop cracks or if washers are unbalanced or unaligned.

Dispensers are full

Filling the automatic dispenser to the brim with the incorrect formula may result in the dispenser going haywire and the washing machine may not achieve the desired cleaning. Frequent occurrence of this issue may require professional services.

Automatic washing machine services offered by Repair Group

Our expert technicians offer thorough inspection and impeccable services when it comes to automatic washing machine repair Kolkata. Modern technology and original spare parts ensure that you enjoy hassle-free washing.

Why book Repair Group’s automatic washing machine servicing

We employ our deep understanding and rich experience to improve the performance of your automatic and semi-automatic washing machines.

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