Double door refrigerator repair

Sophisticated double door refrigerators of today perform various essential chores in complete silence and may begin to malfunction at any moment. The repair group refrigerator repair is capable of banishing all your fridge woes in a jiffy.

Double door refrigerator problems and their causes

Problems like faulty compressor or evaporator fan, out of order defrost system, leakage in pipe, loosening of the gasket inside door, trouble with light bulb and switch and improper temperature settings in a double door refrigerator can pester us

Ceaseless functioning of refrigerator

Continual functioning of refrigerator can overheat the motor.Overuse and avoidable use of power lead to inevitable breakdown.

Double door refrigerator services offered by Repair Group

We offer prompt services when it comes to double door refrigerator repair in Kolkata. Once an appointment is booked by a client, our well-trained and knowledgeable professionals provide their services at the earliest.

Our experts have a vivid understanding of the functioning of modern day double door refrigerators; hence tackle various problems regarding these models without hassle.

We never compromisewhen it comes to serving our valued clients and render our services using the modern technology at pocket-friendly prices.

We are equally resourceful in case of the double door refrigerator being an older edition.

Why book Repair Group’s double door refrigerator servicing

We at Repair Group keep ourselves updated in order to satisfy our clients in a best possible manner. We offer repairing service on appliances like side by side freezer too.

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