AC Fitting Service Repair

With the rising heat of summer, air conditioners are often overused for maintaining a desirable temperaturein homes and offices. It is no wonder then that both split and window ACs often develop technical snags.

General problems with AC fitting and their causes

Noisy indoor unit

Faulty balance of fan inside the indoor unit of the AC or accumulation of dust and dirt cause the indoor unit of split AC to make ear splitting noise during operation or during start-up. Proper fitting of the fan by professionals can rectify this flaw.

Sensor problems

When the thermostat sensor located behind the control panel is knocked out of position it causes the air conditioner to function erratically. The professionals at Repair Group offering AC installation near me adjust the sensor position carefully to reverse this issue.

Maintenance of the air filter

Regular cleaning of the air filter and replacing it when necessary can effectively avoid huge repair and maintenance cost. Grimy air filter blocks the flow of air resulting in the AC unit to work harder to offer efficient cooling.

AC fitting services offered by Repair Group

Contact us to schedule a reliable AC fitting service Kolkata to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly for a long time.

Why book Repair Group’s AC fitting service

Repair Group technicians are trained to handle routine maintenance and new installations of AC units for both residences and commercial spaces. We eliminate AC fitting and cooling issues.

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