AC Cooling Issues Repair

A broken down air conditioner during the dog days can decelerate your energy. Regular and periodic maintenance is important for best cooling and healthy ambiance at your residence and commercial space.

General problems with AC compressor cooling and their causes

Inefficient cooling

Lack of regular maintenance of air conditioner can hamper the compressor causing it to stop running even if the unit fan runs. A defective capacitor, burnt compressor wire, or overloading may cause such problem. Call an expert service provider who can efficiently handle the AC compressor cooling issues to get rid of low cooling.

Worn contactor

The contactors for the compressor, the blower motor, and the condenser fan motor make an electrical connection to start the motors and compressor. Arcing and pitting in the contactor hampers the electric current to flow and start the AC motors. This requires prompt servicing.

Installation of programmable thermostat

Installation of new, more precise and energy saving thermostats eliminate issues with older control systems. Remotely controllable thermostats enhance longevity and assist in offering efficient cooling.

AC compressor cooling services offered by Repair Group

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